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Pubblicato il: 19 October 2018 alle 9:45 am

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Paesaggi del vino

2018 is the year of Food; one of its expressions with the greatest implications for the landscape and the environment is that of wine and the vineyards in which it is produced.

The quality of wine and vineyards is linked to a complex of multiple environmental factors (soil, topography, etc. . ), well known in terms of agronomy and production. An increasingly important role is also played by the overall quality of the places of production, the terroir and the landscape of the context and its possibilities of use. How can we account for this condition and the opportunities it brings?

The objective of the Conference is to deepen, through an interdisciplinary point of view and the call to experiences of excellence, the places of wine, their environmental conditions (geology, natural capital), how to recognize the value and risks related to macro-changes in progress (climatic, technological, eco-social), the new tools available for a better synergy between wines, vineyards and landscapes context, and for their better resilience to the risks looming.

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