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Call for Civil Service 2018

scn_logoSocietà Geografica Italiana contributes to the call for the national civil service 2018 with the project entitled “Rice maps: conservation, cataloguing and development of the Eastern Italian Geographic Society Fund”

The project provides a total of 6 places.

The playbill and full project outline are available.

The necessary forms to apply for admission to the selection is available at the following address.Carte di riso1

The application must be submitted to the Italian geographic society exclusively as follows:

1) with certified electronic mail (PEC)-art. 16-bis, paragraph 5 of law 28 January 2009, # 2-held by the person concerned, taking care to attach all required documentation in pdf format; at address postacertificata@pec.societageografica.it (in the subject line of the email indicate ” National civil service 2018 – application for admission to the selection “).

2) by registered letter at: Società Geografica Italiana Onlus, c/o Palazzetto Mattei in Villa Celimontana, Via della Navicella, 12-00184 Roma (RM);

3) hand delivery, in opening hours of the Secretariat/Library (Monday-Friday, 9-13, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-17); the deadline for submitting questions via PEC or by registered a/R is fixed at 28 September 2018. In case of delivery of the application by hand the period is fixed at 18.00 hours of September 28, 2018.

Applications with other than those listed above and beyond the terms set forth above will not be considered. Please note that you may apply for a single project. For all information please visit the website of the Office for the national civil service. this year, to facilitate the participation of young people in voluntary ban and, more generally, to introduce them to the world of civil service, was made the site dedicated Scelgo il Servizio Civile