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Photographic Archive

The Photographic Archive is one of the most important repository of this type in Italy. Its collections include over 400,000 photographic documents (positives, negatives, diapositives and historical postcards). Specimina date from 1860s to present day, documenting places, people and landscapes from almost all the regions of the planet.

In most cases, these documents are rare and often unpublished. The most ancient collection dates back to 1866. Pictures in the collections include panoramas, anthropometric images, portraits, images to be included in reports by explorers or scientists.

The Cinematographic collection, created in 1949, includes 68 films, mostly digitalized on DVD. This material is prevailingly divulgational in character and describes geographical phenomena of general interest. The digitalization of the Photographic Archive began in 2000 and is still in progress through several national and European projects. It made possible to classify and publish online over 25,000 images.


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The collections of the Photographic Archive

The exhibits of the Photographic Archive


Director: Patrizia PAMPANA

Contacts: 067008279 – archiviofotografico@societageografica.it

Office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-13:00


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