Chronotopes of the European Quarter in brussels

During a three-month immersive and inductive fieldwork we observed, registered, took pictures, sketches and in-site notes of the multiple chronotopes of four spaces of the European district, focusing on the nexus between everyday practices and public space transformations.


The more we approached the district, the more the image of a “bubbles of Eurocrats” became blurred and a multiplicity of socio-spatial-temporal-practical dimensions unfolded.


The data recorded were then assembled in the form of a web-doc, conceived as a scrapbook, a topological space where non-linear layers and temporal surfaces crosscut, and where everyone who enters this space can build his/her own district, against a unique and reified vision of the everyday.



An overview on the research's places through texts and time-lapses



A thematic journey through all the media data collected



The logbook of the fieldwork experience: day by day

in-site notes



The analysis of the rhythms patterning the public space, through different media