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Entangled Landscapes – A new & independent magazine on food, sustainability and regionality


I hope my email finds you well.

I am writing you with a proposal, that I hope you might find interesting! I’m Michelle, the founder of The Preserve Journal, which is an independent and globally distributed print publication dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, and resilient food culture. You can learn more about The Preserve Journal via the attached pdf, and you can always visit our website and social media if you would like to learn and see more about our work with The Preserve Journal.

We are excited to share, that in 2023 our team behind The Preserve Journal will be launching a completely new, and independent print publication called Entangled Landscapes. With Entangled Landscapes, we will be telling Regional Food stories; Exploring and telling stories about food, agriculture, and sustainability in a regional and cultural context. This means, that for each issue we will be zooming in on one selected region of the world, and each volume will be dedicated to a single region, its’ unique and inspirational food culture, and the inspiring work being done in the region in the field of food & sustainability. 

After much research on the many inspiring regions of the world, we are excited to share that we are currently deciding between the two Italian regions of Friuli Venezia Giuliaand Abruzzo, about to select which one should be our very first focus region, and therefore the region of choice for volume 1 of Entangled Landscapes.
Coming from a background in Geography myself, I am deeply interested in exploring how the landscapes we cohabitate have an impact on our food cultures and our relations to food, and simultaneously how our food cultures and food-relation affect and shape the landscapes we live in. This is a passionate interest of mine that informs our work and directionality with Entangled Landscapes. We are especially interested in learning more about the regional agricultural/food-producing landscapes and the practices that have shaped them – and continue to shape them – in nourishing and sustainable ways. Thereby looking equally toward heritage and present-day food landscapes and cultures.

We wish to support the fantastic network of people and projects who is working hard to create a more sustainable food culture, by showcasing their incredible work on a global stage and telling their stories to an international readership; hopefully empowering both these inspiring practitioners and our readers to continue the important work they do in posing a challenge to the dominant and industrialized regimes. 

Our new publication, Entangled Landscapes, will be distributed through our existing global network of stockists, while we will simultaneously be expanding the market and reach. We are expecting a print circulation of 2.000-10.000 depending on the scope of our partner- and sponsorships. Eco-Conscious and Sustainability-Interested eaters and travelers alike will use this new magazine as a travel guide for their next destination, and the global community of readers will find great inspiration in the fascinating work being done in the selected region. Simontaniuosly, we believe that the global distribution of this new magazine will strengthen the interest in the fascinating field of Geography!

While Entangled Landscapes will be independently published and free of traditional advertisement, we are however, beginning our search for a selected group of sponsors and partners who will take part in bringing Entangled Landscapesto life! For this purpose, we’ve been doing research on inspiring cooperation partners, and in our research, we naturally came across your organisation first. We feel certain that our common goals for exploring and promoting the landscapes and cultural heritage of these two potential Italian regions align perfectly, and we could imagine you as a perfect sponsor & partner for this new and special publication. We would indeed be honored to collaborate with you!

If you find this idea interesting, then we would love to organize a call to discuss this potential partnership with you!

With much warmth and care,

Michelle  Skelsgaard Sørensen